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Born and raised in Toronto, as a kid Daniel was always surrounded by music, his father was very musically inclined and was a outstanding musician who always tried to get Daniel to play some sort of instrument while growing up. Every weekend Daniel’s father would always record certain hit songs from the radio and create many seamless cassette tapes which soon after as years went bye Daniel would be doing, but in a different way. Instead of recording songs from the radio, Daniel would burn cd’s which lead up to him wanting to become a dj which seem very clear to him since he had shelf’s full of burnt cd’s which any dj would of loved to have then soon put those cd’s to good use. Daniel later bought a himself a dj program and a pair of turn tables which were completely different from one another and started practicing for hours a day in his mother’s basement trying to learn the different techniques of becoming a dj. Soon after he formed a group with just himself and with his older brother, and they would call them selves S.O.S Aka Sounds Of Success which in time they both played together at many different types of clubs around Toronto. A few years later, his brother split apart from the group and Daniel went fourth to dj on his own, which later made his djing career much more successful. Since then Daniel has been travelling all around Toronto and outside the border playing at many different clubs and through out his dj career has been making many unique and different types of mix tapes that seem to be catching many people’s attention such as promoters and club owners. One day he dreams of dj’ing along side some of the most influential djs around the world like Steve Aoki, Tiesto, David Guetta at some of the most spectacular stadiums all around the world.






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